Born in Milan, Anaii is a modern rethink of premium denim
designed for a metropolitan life.

The project focuses on creating garments made for living,

with an emphasis on craftsmanship and continuous research for the perfect fit and new dye techniques.

Our Philosophy centers on simple and high quality design,

meant to be worn beyond the limits of season and year, meant to last a lifetime.

Responsible Business

We live our values, which center on respect for our community, respect for local industry and respect for our planet.

As part of our commitment to embed sustainability in everything we do, Anaii denim is made from responsibly sourced cotton, grown minimizing pesticide use, optimizing water conservation and soil health, and following fair work principles.

We only use non-toxic natural indigo dye and process our denim in a state-of-the-art system that repurposes waste and recycles water.

Our denim wash house has enviromental management certification and excess indigo is used as natural compost for local gardens and organic cotton farm.

Local Production

All our garments are made in Italy, every stage of the manufacturing process takes place in the province of Bergamo, Lombardy region of Italy, near Milan.

These short supply chains mean a reduced carbon footprint and total transparency.


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